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Emergency Locksmith London

Locked Out of House?

Local Locksmith Services

30 Minutes Response

24/7 Locksmiths

Our 24/7 locksmiths are at your disposal around the clock. Call now and we’ll be at your address in no time. Our technicians are spread throughout London. Furthermore we offer a 2 year guarantee on locks and parts.

Banham Locksmith London

When you have an issue with your Banham lock, call us. Our technicians are trained to deal with any issue that could arise with these locks. We can open, replace or repair any type of Banham lock. Moreover we do fresh installation for all models of Banham locks.

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Any information provided on this website (londonprolocksmith.co.uk) concerning Banham or Banham Locks must not be interpreted in any way that London PRO Locksmith has a connection with or is authorised by Banham Patent Locks Limited or the Banham Group of companies. We, www.londonprolocksmith.co.uk, are merely users of Banham products as well as other lock brands, as part of the locksmith services we provide.

Local Locksmith Services

We only work with local locksmiths ready to assist you in less than 30 minutes. Highly skilled and trained, our local locksmith service will provide the highest quality services you can wish for. Used and approved by Police!

Area covered

Locksmith South West London
Locksmith South East London
Locksmith North West
Locksmith Central London
Locksmith North London
Locksmith West london
Locksmith Croydon
Locksmith Harrow
Locksmith Twickenham
Locksmith Uxbridge
Locksmith Kingston

Locked Out of House?

We get you in! Call now and the nearest locksmith to your address will be dispatched right away.

After Burglary Repairs

We can secure doors and broken frames, change locks or install new ones for better security.

U'PVC Locksmith Pro

Our uPVC locksmiths can deal with any uPVC related problems you might encounter. Call today!

Lock Change Service

We can replace any lock one can find on London's doors and we usually do this in one visit.

About us

Local Locksmith Business, based in South Ealing, and working with technicians in Greater London area. We broke off one of the largest locksmith companies in London because they lost contact with their clients, putting us in awkward situations. Being fed up with their careless policies, we decided to go on our own. Therefore, feel free to contact us for any locksmith related questions you might have, we will gladly get back to you!

The prices we charge for the job won’t be a surprise for you. We all know our company policy.

Things will go this way:

  • Our office, you will provide a rough quotation over the phone. If you chose to hire us, our locksmith can be with you in about 30 minutes.
  • When the technician arrives, he will assess the situation and give you the exact price. If you are ok with everything, and give us the green light, we will proceed with the job.
  • When work is finished, you have to pay the technician on spot. In case one of the managers approves, you can pay at a later date, as agreed with him.
  • You get 1 year warranty for any new lock that you purchase from us.

Normal recall 48 hours – emergency recall 2 hours

One of the parts happens to be faulty? You can call us, and we’ll come and change/ fix it for free. If it’s not an emergency, then we will send a technician in maximum 48 hours. In case it’s an emergency, will be there in less than 2 hours. Trusted Emergency Locksmith London, fast & reliable, professional & patient. We care about each and every one of our clients!


  • The quote you receive on the phone might not be accurate, this is because  sometimes we really need a technician to assess the problem to know exactly what the total cost for the job is.
  • The quotes received by the phone are the starting prices.
  • All external doors must be fitted with at least one BS3621 Lock, to avoid problems with your insurance cover!!!

House insurance from a locksmith perspective

Many people these days have no clue about what it means to have house insurance. If you are one of them, than you are among the lucky ones that landed on this page and are about to find out, from a locksmith perspective, what exactly the insurance covers and which is the correct path to take.

Burglary: First of all, in case of a burglary, most insurance companies will cover your stolen goods and damages made in the process. Among these are locks, doors or windows. So if you experienced a brake-in, hire a professional locksmith to take care of your problems, you are totally covered. The invoice you will receive is a proof from a third party that details everything that was broken together with detailed costs and warranty for the works done and parts used. If you don’t call for professional help, you risk not to be paid by the insurance company.

Broken Locks: If your locks fail or your keys don’t work, than the insurance company will support the costs for opening and changing the locks. As soon as you discover the problem, call for a locksmith. He will assess the situation, fix your problem and give you the right documentation for you to take to the insurance company. In any of these cases you find yourself in, call for professional help as soon you discover the issue. The technician should be able to explain and advice you. Do not try to do it on your own. If you do then the insurance won’t pay a penny.

What to do when locked out of house?

Everybody gets locked out of their home eventually. So, do not despair. There are people waiting for your call, prepared to get you back inside your home. Professional locksmiths work 24/7.

Forgot the keys in the house? – Before you call for a locksmith, try to reach the person or persons that may have a copy (landlord, family or friends). Try the windows and back doors they might be opened. If this is in vain, call for a professional. If you do not know exactly what to do to open the door, is best for you to stay away of the temptation to settle the problem yourself. You can turn an easy fix in to something time consuming and expensive.

Lost keys – When you lost the keys to your home or business, the wise path to go is to immediately change your locks. Police recommends it!

Broken key or lock – In the event of a broken lock the only smart choice is to call for a locksmith.

The easy way out of all of these situations is very simple: Call for a locksmith, and he will guide and advice you, furthermore he will solve your problems in no time.

Locked Out? Who will pay tennant or landlord

When it comes to the locks on rented living spaces (apartments, houses or rooms) is important for you to know your rights and obligations, either side of the contract you stand. The landlord is responsible for changing and maintaining the locks. If the locks fail he is responsible. The tenant is not allowed to break or change the locks without landlord consent. Keeping this in mind we raise the following questions:

What can the tenant do when locked out of house? The proper way to deal with this issue is to immediately call your landlord to let him know you are locked out, or if you can’t reach him, just leave him a text or an e-mail. He might have contracted a locksmith to deal with these sorts of problems. In other words, just call you landlord and start from there.

When the landlord is unreachable? No matter the reason, if he doesn’t get back to you shortly, you can take the matters in to your own hands and call a professional with no fear. Make sure that you send at least a text to your landlord, detailing the problem before calling a locksmith to assist you with your issue.

Who will pay? If you lost, misplaced or forgot your keys, than you will be the one paying for the services. But in case of a faulty lock, the landlord will support the expenses. Do not forget, to tell the locksmith to write down on the invoice his assessment of the job.