House Lockout(standard lock)
from £ 59.00 *for a simple job or where lock picking applies
Lock Change(labour)
from £ 59.00
New Locks(depending on: size, security level, brand)
from £ 35.00
Fresh Installation of Locks(installing new locks on doors and windows)
from £ 79.00/hour
u'PVC doors/windows repair/open
from £ 69.00
£ 49.00
Open Safe & Security Boxes
from £ 99.00
Lockout(high security lock)
from £ 120.00
Lockout(open by drill)
from £ 120.00

Emergency Locksmith Prices

We charge the same prices, regardless if emergency or not. Furthermore, take in account that we do not have an extra **call out charge.

Locksmith Cost

Your locksmith cost will be for the work done and the parts used with no hidden surprises. You’ll never be in the dark. The technician will tell you the exact costs for everything he is about to do, before he starts doing it and you will know the price of the locks before he replace them.


*Simple Job – refers to opening the lock without having to brake it.

**No call out charge – means that if you do the job with us, you don’t have to pay extra charge for the visit. In case you refuse to do the job with us, the technician can ask for 39-59 £ for his time(cancellation fee).

***Prices do not include vat.


By placing the call, and booking a job with us, you agree to our policy. Our policy states that we are free to subcontract other contractors to do the job for us. We do this only when our staff is busy, and is done to better respond to your call in the shortest time possible.